Top 10 - Episode 1238 - November 26, 2014


Top 10 covers the top 50 happenings in 5 segments namely Tamilnadu, India, International, Sports and Entertainment. Initially Top 10 starts with a short song and is followed by various news across the globe within 30 minutes which includes bollywood, kollywood, hollywood news, local news, global news and sports news. Every news is explained in detail and with perfection. Watch full episode to know more. This show presents 50 hot interesting information of cinema, page-3 events happened in Tamilnadu, Nationally, International level. Top 10 keeps its viwers up to date on Sports and Entertainment too. All these are showcased to viewers in power packed 30 minutes. All these Information's keep the viewers updated on the days happenings. This show is on air every Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm. Subscribe to the channel by clicking To watch more episodes from this show go to


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